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Experience the enchantment of Gardenbug Designs as you elevate your home with our meticulously crafted pieces. Each creation effortlessly blends the magical with the everyday, bringing joy and wonder to every design.

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I absolutely LOVE delving into the wonderful feedback from Gardenbug Designs customers. Your thoughts and experiences hold immense value to me, and I wholeheartedly APPRECIATE and ADORE each and every one of my customers!!

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Happy Hour Collection

Ready for a touch of everyday or seasonal magic? Your search ends here! Explore the allure of my latest arrivals and exclusive Gardenbug creations. Dive into a world of trend-setting wreaths and floral arrangements, designed for seamless blending with your favorite decorating styles. Let the excitement of new possibilities refresh your space!

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Winter Wonderland Collection

Craving a winter refresh? Look no further—I've got just what you're seeking! Discover my enchanting Winter Wonderland Collection, meticulously crafted to complement your favorite winter decorating styles. Let the thrill of new possibilities bring the magic of winter into your space!

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Crafted with care, our designs embody timeless beauty with quality materials. Each piece is an artistic expression, capturing nature's splendor. Elevate your space with our creations, where craftsmanship meets the charm of the natural world.

Decorate your home for any season with handcrafted nature inspired wreaths & home decor from Gardenbug Designs. Our quality is exceptional, and most importantly our wreaths never wilt!! We offer free shipping within the US. Stop by often for new arrivals.

Inspired by Nature. Handcrafted by me!!

Mother Nature entices me to do it!! After all, how could I resist a beauty like this?

Gardenbug Exclusives

Indulge in the artistry of each meticulously crafted piece, designed to seamlessly harmonize with your unique decorating preferences. "Gardenbug Exclusives" invites you to celebrate the beauty of diversity, making every moment an opportunity to elevate your space with style and sophistication. Welcome to a world where every collection resonates with your personal aesthetic, creating a symphony of beauty and charm in your home.

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Bringing the beauty of the garden indoors one wreath at a time!!


Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our garden-inspired collections, designed to seamlessly complement your space and unique style. Each piece carries a touch of soulful charm, turning your surroundings into a haven of allure and wonder. Your space, your sanctuary - where every detail whispers tales of whimsy and wonder.

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Hi, I'm Angel! Welcome to Gardenbug Designs, where I invite you to join me in this cultivated garden of dreams. Here, each creation becomes a tapestry, weaving tales of love and allure. Your gracious support not only blossoms within these floral designs but also nurtures the very essence of our enchanting sanctuary. Together, let's cultivate a world where every bloom whispers its unique story.

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

-Laura Ingalls Wilder


-Angel Friend (Owner) Gardenbug Designs

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