Unboxing & Storage

A wreath may have a long grueling journey to its forever home. To ensure that it arrives as pictured, extreme care has been taken during the packaging process.


To remove your new wreath from its box:

Pipe cleaners have been threaded through the bottom of the box and secured with tape.

Option #1:

  • Remove the wreath by peeling or scoring the tape (located on the bottom of the shipping box). Avoid cutting through the box and damaging your new wreath.
  • Untwist the pipe cleaners between these entry points.
  • Once ties are separated, carefully remove the wreath by pulling it upward from the box.
  • When using this method, take special care removing the pipe cleaners from the wreath so you don't snag or rip out any greenery or florals.
  • If the pipe cleaners are located under greenery, carefully remove them by sliding them out from the sides of the wreath. Pulling straight up is not advised as it could rip out the greenery.

Option #2:

  • Locate the pipe cleaners used to attach the wreath to the inside of the box.
  • Twist open the pipe cleaners.
  • Separate the pipe cleaners.
  • If located under the greenery, carefully untwist and slide them out from the sides. Do not pull upright as it will pull out the greenery.
  • Once ties are separated carefully remove the wreath by pulling it upward from the box.
  • Fluff out any materials that may have been compressed during transit. (Bow or greenery)
  • Save the box for storage (If desired).
Seasonal Wreath Storage:

To maintain the integrity of your new wreath, I highly recommend:

  • Storing your new wreath in a climate controlled environment.
  • It is recommended that you cover your wreath with a plastic bag (included with your purchase) and either hanging it up or placing it in the original shipping box (design side up) for safe keeping.
  • I recommended that you store your new wreath in a closet inside your home rather than the attic, or garage.
    • Extreme hot/cold temps may cause the decorations' paint to crack, chip, or peel; styrofoam decorations can melt/crack; the grapevine wreath base can expand/contract; and the glue can liquify which could cause the floral/greenery insertions to loosen. These factors could diminish your wreath quality.
    • Do not store anything on top of the box, as it could cause the box to collapse and crush your wreath attachments such as pumpkins, etc..
  • To protect from moisture or odor, I recommend adding silica gel packets to the bag or box.
    • You know that little packet you find in the box of a new pair of shoes which is usually thrown away.
    • I would replace the silica gel packets seasonally, or the next time you buy a new pair of shoes, LOL!!

When hanging your wreath using the bag provided, I recommend that you:

  • Cut a small hole in the bottom center of the bag, and then place the wreath in the bag whichever direction best suits minimal crushing of the florals.
  • From the hole in the bag, an s hook, hanger, bungee cord or wire can be used to attach to the spine of the wreath (thickest branch) and then hung for storage. You can either tie the strings on the bag, or leave them open for air flow.
  • Once ready to use, remove from bag (if used) and fluff your wreath by gently shaping any bows or ribbons and spread out any greenery that may have been contoured- especially if stored long term in the box.
  • Hang as desired and enjoy!!