Collection: Studio 555

Studio 555 Collection is where I get to explore my creativity and push my boundaries.

It all began the night I had a dream that I started a successful wreath making business and was finally doing what I love, but when I awakened "fear" had set in. I kept thinking to myself, is it possible to have a wreath making business, will people actually buy my products, can I afford to do this, what if I am not good enough? Can you relate, or is it just me? I realized real quick that this dream was the reality I had been longing for, and that I can't let fear consume me. I had to make this work. Fear was not an option.

I have always been creative and needed an outlet to feed my soul. So, I asked for a sign. I wanted to know that I was heading in the right direction. At first, I overlooked the signs that were given to me, but then one day I had a realization. The number 555 kept appearing to me anytime I was thinking of starting my business endeavor. I saw this number everywhere; whether is was 5:55 am/pm, an address, a phone number, the price of gas, or the price of a faux flower. This number kept appearing to me, and in that moment I knew this was my calling!!

As a result, I started Gardenbug Designs and got to work. I learned new techniques to expand my wreath making talent. This collection showcases the result of all the dedication and hard work I put in. I truly hope you enjoy it!

This wreath collection features multiple ribbon or designer bows, signs or attachments, advanced wreath making techniques, and of course high quality materials!! I love this collection, and I sure hope you do too.

Studio 555