Are the florals, greenery or fruit real?

  • No, I use high quality artificial greenery, fruit, and florals. They are very realistic and durable, and will last for many years if properly handled.

How is size determined?

  • Wreaths are measured diagonally from outer most leaf tip to outer most leaf tip.
  • Seller is NOT responsible if the buyer did not read the product description or policies BEFORE making the purchase.

What happens if my grapevine sheds?

  • Grapevine wreath bases are a natural product and can shed over time.
  • Occasionally there will be dried leaves in the inner most part of the wreath form that can become dislodged with excess movements or natural expansion and contraction.
    • This does not compromise the integrity of the grapevine form.
    • I remove as many leaves by hand as possible to limit the amount of shedding that will occur over time.
    • After all, I'd rather spend time doing what I love, and not cleaning. I'm sure you feel the same, unless cleaning is your thing.

What is the green stuff on the back of my wreath?

  • To create a finished look on the back of some of my wreaths, I use Spanish Moss.
    • This serves to create an aesthetically pleasing look to the back of the wreaths and hides unsightly mechanics.
    • Spanish Moss will shed. This is not a defect in the materials.
    • If some of the moss becomes dislodged, it can be reapplied with glue.
    • If some of the moss appears on the front of your wreath during shipping, gently blow it off or pick it off. This will not harm your wreath.

This item is a gift, can it be gift wrapped?

  • The wreath itself can't be gift wrapped, but I can include specialty tissue paper, along with a specialized note/card when shipping. 
  • Please add the gift wrap listing to your order.
    • Fees may vary
  • Please remember if this is a gift, YOU need to fill out the shipping address box with the shipping address of the recipient.
    • I will not be responsible if the gift was delivered to you rather than the intended recipient.
    • Additional shipping fees, due to inadvertent address issues are the responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded.

Are your wreaths safe for outdoors?

  • The materials used in your wreath are considered durable to moderate outdoor exposure. 
  • I recommend hanging it under the protection of a covered structure (such as a porch).
  • Some items are made of plastic or styrofoam and could melt if left in the direct sunlight or with intense heat, so I recommend placing it in a less direct location. 
  • Over time, as with anything left to the elements the wreath can fade.
    • I am not responsible for UV fading. 
  • I highly recommend bringing your wreath indoors during times of inclement weather to protect the longevity of your wreath.
    • With the proper care your wreath is designed to last!!