My Story

Hello and Welcome to Gardenbug Designs!!

I'm Angel, the proud owner, designer, and creator behind the enchanting products showcased here at Gardenbug Designs. It brings me immense joy to have you grace our virtual doorstep, and I sincerely hope that your visit here proves to be a delightful experience. May you find something truly special that speaks to your heart and becomes an irresistible addition to your life.

My journey into the world of professional wreath making began towards the end of 2021. With an innate love for flowers and a passion for crafting, it was a natural progression for me. The seeds of inspiration were sown by a beloved garden-themed YouTube channel, igniting a spark within me that I couldn't ignore.

The loss of my mother in late 2013 left a profound void in my life, but it was through our shared love for flowers that I found solace and connection. Seeking to recapture that closeness, I immersed myself in gardening, meticulously tending to blooms and greenery that mirrored her favorites. Each season became a canvas for reminiscence, as I lovingly nurtured my garden, recalling the cherished moments of flower shopping and planting together. Even my neighbors took notice, marveling at the transformation of my yard into a floral haven.

Yet, as the harsh Minnesota winters set in, I found myself yearning for that same sense of fulfillment and creativity. It was during these cold, quiet months that I stumbled upon the world of floral design through YouTube. Watching skilled artisans craft wreaths ignited a newfound passion within me. Not only did it provide a welcome distraction from the winter blues, but it also offered a means to supplement my income and fuel my dreams of expanding my garden come spring.

Little did I anticipate that this journey would lead me to discover my true calling. Through floral design, I found a way to immerse myself in all things botanical, without the challenges that accompany traditional gardening (bugs, heat, dirt under the fingernails, heavy lifting, and moving the earth). While weeds may have claimed my garden beds, the bond with my mother remains ever-present, intertwined with every petal I lovingly shape.

Lastly, I want you to know that I am deeply committed to crafting each piece with the utmost care and attention to detail. Just as I carefully select the finest plants for my garden, I strive to use only the highest quality materials and lifelike florals in my designs. For me, quality isn't just a standard—it's a reflection of the love and dedication I pour into every creation, sharing a piece of my beloved garden with you.

Thank you for joining me on this heartfelt journey, and I hope you find as much joy in exploring Gardenbug Designs as I do in bringing it to life.