Collection: Rustling Leaves

Fall is my FAVORITE season, so I had NO choice but to create a wreath collection that is inspired by this beautiful time of the year (let's face it, I wanted to...I was not forced, LOL).

My fall inspiration comes from observing the leaves changing colors (especially on road trips- anyone want to explore Vermont or Maine? I have never been to either of these places); apple orchards with hot apple cider; a hot fire in the evening all wrapped up in my chunky sweater knit quilt; the rustling of fallen leaves (ok, i'll leave the raking to you, I'm kinda busy over here designing my next masterpiece); pumpkin anything; & the good ole pumpkin patch festivities.

I don't know what it is about Fall, but I sure love it!! Would you agree? What fall activities do you long for? I bet it's the pumpkin patch. If you are anything like me, you haven't been there since the kids were little. Should I see if my children want to go with me again? I know, I'll tell them they can get the biggest pumpkin they can carry. I better watch out, they are stronger now!!

What!!? Did I hear that correctly? You don't like Fall? Oh boy, we can't be friends!! Just Kidding...  all joking aside, take a peek at my Rustling Leaves Collection. I am sure you will find something you adore, and a little crow told me it will look great in your house!

Rustling Leaves