Collection: Frankie Jean's

The Frankie Jean's Collection is inspired by the flower bouquets my siblings and I used to bring home to our mother as children.

As kids, we would pick flowers from our neighbor's gardens (never with permission of course- thank God they forgave us and even invited us inside to have a snack and lovely conversation) or we would bring home bouquets of past-their-prime flowers we would receive from a local flower shop (we had to dumpster dive for them-but this time we actually had permission as we didn't want to get taken away by a garbage truck, LOL).

Either way, we were extremely proud to bring home our mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers and yes sometimes weeds. She always loved them!! 

This wreath collection is very dear to my heart as it was created in the loving memory of my mother, Jean and my brother, Frankie who are both watching over me and cheering me on!

Frankie Jean's