Care Instructions

Wreath Care Instructions:

While my artificial wreath designs are built sturdy and meant to outlast natural wreaths, it is worth noting they are still delicate in nature. However; with proper care, your wreath is designed to last and will bring you many seasons of enjoyment!!

Are you someone who desires placing your wreath on the door and leaving it there long term? If so, please take note of the following care instructions to increase the longevity of your new wreath.


Fact: wreaths collect dust. To prevent dust build up:

  • You can lightly dust off the wreath as part of your regular cleaning routine.
  • A damp lint free cloth can be used to wipe plastic (non-flocked) greenery and leaves.
  • A blow dryer set to the cool setting can be used to blow away any dust or debris that may have accumulated.

Outdoor Care:

To maintain the integrity of your new wreath, I advise:

  • Displaying your wreath indoors or under the shelter of a covered porch and out of direct sunlight.
    • Direct sunlight can cause colors to fade, so it is suggested that you use a UV protectant spray (artificial floral safe) to increase the longevity of your new wreath. If hung in the sun.
    • I highly advise testing a small area on the back for colorfastness, and making sure the spray doesn’t have a yellowing effect upon drying. As this could change the look of your florals or ribbon. 
  • Avoid placing your new wreath between the storm door and a non-ventilated interior door as the immense heat can deteriorate the quality of the materials.
  • Extreme weather can affect the longevity of your wreath.
    • Please bring your wreath indoors during times of inclement weather.
    • There are waterproofing materials available for purchase, but I don't recommend using them. If you do, you do so at your own risk.
  • To keep birds from making a nest in your wreath, you can hide a fabric softener sheet, moth ball, a plastic toy owl or snake on the back side or inside the greenery of your wreath.
    • I recommend checking your wreath often as this also acts as a deterrent.